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About Me

Welcome all you Bay Beauties! My name is Lonitra Hodges, the owner and founder of Bay Beauty Creations, LLC. 
I have been into beauty and makeup for as long as I could remember though I really took an interest in the industry after my own wedding. I battled adult acne, hyper pigmentation, mature skin, dry skin, fine lines, large pores, you name it I had/have it. Like most brides, I wanted to look my best on such a honorable occasion. I was so amazed by how natural yet glamorous my makeup look turned out, I cried happy tears. I could see the difference between my daily makeup routine and having a professional do the work. I’ve been in love ever since! With the support of my Husband, I have began this journey taking part of what I know and love. 
As a mother of 2 I delight in my children witnessing me take care of myself and living out my purpose and serving others.

Makeup has been surprisingly therapeutic and trans-formative whether on my self or my clients. It brings me great joy hearing my clients plan date night with their husbands or a day out with friends after seeing their finished look. Their mood changes instantly! 

Makeup helps us to put our best face forward as well as allowing for artist expression in various ways. The creations are endless! 
I truly enjoy doing makeup on some of the most beautiful ladies here in sunny Florida. I really hope you all enjoy the work and products of Bay Beauty Creations.

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